New Orleans Bathhouse Project

Our bathhouses are gone, but you (yes, you) can help keep their memory alive.

The Club Bathhouse, New Orleans

Share your memories anonymously from New Orleans’ beloved, shuttered bathhouses…

Your stories will be shared below 100% anonymously.  No further data is collected, and I have no way of knowing who you are.

Your Stories…



I never went Club New Orleans but I have went to some many gay bath house in USA. Streamworks, Flexx, Chute, gay/ straight Tijuana movie theater.
if any one wants to go in with me as a gay partherships, own, and operating gay bath house in New Orleans. pls email me.


Club New Orleans

I used to be a courier in Atlanta, and about once every other week, I’d take a bunch of packages from an industrial supply company in Atlanta to the UPS hub in Jackson, Miss. in a box truck rented by my courier company.
On at least five occasions, after I delivered in Jackson, I’d head straight for the Quarter to one of my favorite places in the world: Club New Orleans. Not exactly on the way back to Atlanta!
I’d stay there as long as I could, having as much fun (and dick-getting) as I could. I so loved being out on the top deck, smoking weed, naked as the day I was born, and letting the hot sides come to me. Those were great times!!!


Club New Orleans

Worth a 330 mile (one way) trip !


Club New Orleans

the club rocked i had no idea it had closed down!


Club New Orleans

Took my husband there on his birthday because he wanted to do something “different”. While he was fucking me in a sling I noticed the silhouette of some guy watching us from the open stairwell. With the light behind him I couldn’t tell who he was. It was hot! Then we both realized, at about the same instant, that we knew each other. Didn’t bother me that he was a straight, married colleague! But I do think it bothered him. It’s been about 15 years, we still work together, and neither one of us have ever mentioned it.


Club New Orleans

I only ever went once, and I literally just toured the building and then got in the hot tub for about 10 minites before leaving. I wish I could have embraced the hoe life when I was younger, but it’s just not for me. I’m more of a “making love” kind of guy. I enjoy watching other guys fuck, though. The place was dead when I went, so I didn’t even get to watch.


Club New Orleans

I fondly remember being very tired in the French Quarter and i had lots of time before work and i didnt want to go home so i rented a room at the Club and slept for almost 7 hours. Unbothered. Locked up in my room. And i woke up and went about my day. Fresh as a daisy. Lol. Oh man i miss that place…


Club New Orleans

It was never the same for me after Katrina when the city forced them to remove the 140 year old wooden staircases and replaced them with steel and concrete. True the place had been a fire deathtrap but the modernization seemed so wrong to me. ( I’m not sure many of us realized what a horrific fire-trap that place was. Especially with those original, probably, Ante-Bellum staircases. )

The best time I ever had there was, ironically, the last time I ever went – the Sunday of Decadence before it closed, about 3 pm, when I had no idea it was about to close. The most gorgeous Japanese man asked me to fuck him in front of his friends on the platform on the top floor that opened up onto the roof. I did and they watched, and it was sublime.


l’amour l’amour toujours l’amour


Club New Orleans

I lived in New Orleans for a few years but worked out of town. One night after taking party favors I spent the majority of 16 hours giving and receiving the best blow jobs I have ever had. While I have grown out of the phase, the experiences still give rise


Club New Orleans

I had a friend in town who was a Minnesota Vikings fan the night before the Saints played in the NFC Championship game.  We spent the entire night at The Club and slept together in one of the “deluxe rooms.”

I just remember the irony of getting showered and ready at the bathhouse for brunch at Commander’s Palace the next morning.  We all know how that game turned out though!


Club New Orleans

I used to work at Cafe Maspero’s on Decatur and Toulouse and just next door on Toulouse was the Green Door (bath house). I guess it’s still there. Well, as everyone who’s been down there knows, when Maspero’s is busy, the line to wait will stretch out the door and down to the corner of Toulouse. Then during Decadence, we watched as the line from the Green Door stretched out the door and down to the corner of Decatur; butting up against the line for the restaurant! At that point, I don’t think they were bathing in water anymore.


Club New Orleans

I went in the 90’s. Usually after partying at Pub, Oz, Lafittes. I still remember getting the best BJ I’ve ever experienced from a really hot guy at ‘The Club’. Lol, but yep.


Club New Orleans

I had visited the Club a few times over the years and never met anyone or had any fun.  One year, I tried again on Mardi Gras day and finally figured out what all the fuss was.  I played around with 3 or 4 different guys including this outrageously sexy dancer from New York.  I’ll never forget how hot he looked walking around in that towel.


Club New Orleans

One night a co worker and I went and got absolutely obliterated after our shift, after losing him I ended up crashing at the baths. when I woke up in the morning and realized where I was, I decided I might as well go have some fun. I went to the amphitheatre and saw this hot older daddy playing with the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. Like this thing was at least 14inches and think like a tube of deli meat. It was super hot but all I could do in my hungover state was ask to touch it….


Club New Orleans

First time I ever experienced playing with someone who was rolling. Three of us were playing around when the top asked me to finger his ass. Started with one finger but he kept asking me to put more fingers in him. Wasn’t until I was forearm deep that he was happy and asked how many fingers I had in him. When I told him my whole fist was in him he told me I was a liar, as he was a top and couldn’t handle that much in him. The other guy confirmed to him that he did in fact have a fist in him. He had me pull out because he reiterated he was a top and had never had more than a finger in his ass before.



My very first night in NO went to Flex and participated in my first orgy


There was also the Camp Street Baths, and the Decatur Street Baths,


Observation from Midtown Spa and then from Flex:

Unfortunately, Tues. and Wed. nights were the busiest, because people from the region came to the baths, spent the night and then went to their doctor’s appointment at C100 at Charity… yes, the HIV/AIDS clinic.
These nights were very active…and no condoms were seen being used.
So sad…but some people were slow learners.




What’s the NOLA Bathhouse Project?


As a way to remember our shuttered New Orleans bathhouses, I am archiving your best (and worst) bathhouse stories here.

Bathhouses were once important institutions in the gay community of many U.S. Cities.  Most have closed, however, due to a variety of reasons ranging from online dating to the AIDS crisis. The few that remain are relics of a bygone era.

New Orleans has lost many gay establishments in recent years, including our last two bathhouses, Flex and The Club New Orleans.  As a way to preserve the memory of these wild and unique spaces, I am collecting your best stories to share here.




Flex Bathhouse, New Orleans
Former location of Flex Baths in New Orleans, on Barrone Street in the CBD

Flex Bathhouse, New Orleans


The Club Bathhouse, New Orleans

The Club Bathhouse, New Orleans

The Club Bathhouse, New Orleans

The Club Bathhouse, New Orleans

 If you have photos of the old bathhouses you would like to share, please email me.

Share the NOLA Bathhouse Project with your fellow bathhouse connoisseurs!

 I know you have a story to tell…

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