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NOLA Pride vs. Southern Decadence

While nursing my hangover from the New Orleans Pride Parade last summer, I wrote this little article as a response to criticisms I heard frequently about our Pride celebration from friends within the community.

As we gear up to honor the victims of Orlando in what may be the most important Pride celebration of our lifetimes, below is a brief rebuttal to the negative comments I heard most often:

New Orleans Best Gay Bar?

Several times over the last year I’ve written about the evolving nature of queer spaces here in New Orleans.  Naturally, then, I was curious to learn which bars the Times Picayune had selected as New Orleans’s best for 2016.  I was saddened to learn that Good Friends was selected as the only gay bar on the list.

This bar is very nice.  The staff is lovely, the balconies are lovely, and its history is lovely – none of that I have a problem with.  The reason I so strongly disagree with the Picayune’s selection is due to the mechanical pouring devices used by this establishment to measure booze.  They are not only incredibly tacky and impersonal, but they undermine the experience of being in a bar.