Anatomy of a town; Naugatuck, CT

“Our property seems to me the most beautiful in the world.  It is so close to Babylon that we enjoy all the advantages of the city, and yet when we come home we are away from all the noise and dust.”  letter from a homeowner to the king of Persia, 539 B.C.

I was in my hometown of Naugatuck, Connecticut recently, visiting with family and friends.  Like any newly minted urban planner, I could not help but over-analyze the place to death; I made a photo-essay of what I saw.

Naugatuck, an Algonquin word for “lone tree by the river,” lies about 80 miles northeast of New York City in New Haven County.  Removed from the prep schools and tennis courts stereotypically associated with Connecticut, Naugatuck is one of several blue collar towns tucked inside a river valley trying to form a post-industrial identity…